1349 – Deeper Still Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Fall deep and deeper still
Brooding on the throne of primordial scum
Crawling forth between spirit and dying flesh
Deeper still in all spectrums of death

Racing the sun
Through shafts of darkest essence
Static nocturne
Afire with unholy visions

[Verse 2]
Deep and yet deeper still
Wrenched from soul, into vortex hauled
Beyond all mortal comprehension
Seeing the world to a grain of sand
Ungodly aeons
Icon of perfection
Omega occulta
Clandestine idol
Alighting unhallowed paths
Reawakening limitless dimensions
Parted in soul and bone
Stalking the myriad masks

This unquenchable thirst
Realms eternal unravel
Through vision storms
Light is swallowed by night

Racing the sun
Through shafts of darker essence
Static nocturne
Afire with unholy visions
Come death touch
Diabolic navigator

Mesmeric manifestations
Visions reaching for the bones
Unveil the carnal truths
As the blade cuts through
Each second, timeless in itself

[Verse 3]
Deep and deeper still
Stalking on blackened shores
Deep and yet deeper still
Carve thy paths through stone
Oh, corrosive one

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