2Pac – U Don’t Wanna Battle Lyrics

You don’t wanna battle (Battle, battle)
With me, whoa
You don’t wanna battle (Battle)

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
Yo I can rock it on a slow tip
Don’t flip, ’cause I can do this
No shit, won’t trip, ain’t nothin’ to this
2Pacalpyse, now jack you better brace
‘Cause I’m thumpin’ it up and pumpin’ it up with hellafied bass
If the comp rolls, throw blows until they back down
They sweat, no threat, suckers I smack down
No joke, I smoke any and all punks
They step, mic check and then they get done
What’s next? I flex and rock the dope TECs
Get drunk, then run through crews like group sex
Get sprung, it’s fun, I love to hear the hoes homeboys
Make noise from back to front rows
‘Cause yo, I flow and go continually
2Pac, non-stop rippin’ up scenery
So now, you know how I be rockin’ shit
When I flow, same ho with the 2Pacalypse

You don’t wanna battle, down with me

[Verse 2: Ryan D]
Time to crunch and munch, your pussy ass see I had a hunch
You couldn’t punch, I eat you for lunch
And go through, your sorry crew, I thought you knew?
You punk motherfuckers couldn’t ever do
The things I, The R the Y—
The A the N Daz D did bitch, you couldn’t ever fade me
I’m not a sucker, I treat you like a serious trick
You little dummy, you need to stop talkin’ shit
You got nerve, I give you credit, to think you hang
But brother we’re not all in the same gang
The punks, the suckers, the phonies, the perpetrators like you
Would never even fit in a crew
Without suckin’ a dick, or maybe robbin’ a bank
You see you don’t got talent and your breathe straight stank ho Now step in line before I’m mad at you
You silly sucker ha, I thought you knew

Who would wanna battle, down with me?

[Verse 3: 2Pac]
Hit dropper, shit stopper with the strength to motivate
Give me a break, and then it’s time to illustrate
2Pac will terminate, ’cause niggas like to perpetrate
Rhymes I create, yo you best believe they’re worth the wait
So here I go, I’m about to throw a dope flow
And let them know 2Pac will hit you with a death blow
But you say no because you wanna battle blow for blow
I’m nothin’ nice and my advise is just to let it go
I would just battle you but somehow I don’t think it’s fair
I’m not an amateur, I’ll damage ya and leave you there
Anyway nigga I’m the one they want to hear from
Fuck that pussy shit that you be boppin’ in they eardrum
‘Cause in the 90’s boy, 2Pac is comin’ through
I’m in effect, snappin’ necks, I thought you knew

Who would wanna battle, down with me?

[Verse 4: Ryan D]
You wanna talk about a battle?
Well I’ma talk about a massacre
You soft sucker, I’m tryin’ not to laugh at ya
You and your posse, just stepped into the circle of death
You thought I wouldn’t but the gauge, was in effect
I’m not a killer but I’m not exactly pro-life
Keep actin’ stupid I’ma stab you with my girl’s knife
I’m not a coward, punk I’ll walk into your livin’ room
Change the channel, and make you watch a cartoon
And if you step, I hope you pack a serious nine
‘Cause if you don’t, your sorry ass will be all mine
‘Cause I’m a warrior, I’ll make a fire out of a stick
Life in the jungle, but never comin’ less than thick
You sorry maggot, you need to learn a lesson from me
The funky brother causin’ trouble chief R Y D
‘Cause I’m no sucker, I’m laughin’ at you and your crew
You’ll never hang 2Pac, I thought you knew

Who would wanna battle, down with me?
Who would wanna battle, down with me?
Who would wanna battle, down with me?

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