3 Feet Smaller – Let It Out Lyrics

[Verse 1]
This is my third breakdown this week
Want to tell you why, but I can’t speak
Wanna stand up, but I’m too weak
Wanna run, can’t move my feet
Not able to say what I please
Stopped my emotional release
Let locked everything inside myself
But not saying a word won’t solve my case
It don’t act just like me

Sing, if you feel like singing
Out scream, if you feel like screaming
Wail, if you feel like wailing
Just let it out
Laugh, if you feel like laughing
Cry, if you feel like crying
Yell, if you feel like yelling
Just let it out

[Verse 2]
I swallow all my problems now
Keep em inside, won’t let em out
I know I will explode one day
You better not stand in my way (when this happens) not able to do what I please

Stopped my emotional release
Locked everything inside myself
But not doing a thing won’t solve my case
Don’t act just like me


Whatever’s on your chest, shout it out be loud
Alle so that everybody hears you when you speak it all-out
The biggest mistake that you can make is not to say what’s on your mind
So just shout it out and everything’s fine
But some people won’t always share your opinion
So if someone says the opposite of what you think, ignote him
Life is just about solving problems to be at sixes and sevens with your friends but who cares
Shit happens


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