38 Spesh – Toll Booth Lyrics (feat. Ransom & Klass Murda)

[Intro: 38 Spesh]
Uh, trust
Yeah, it’s gon’ be a good year, nigga
I ain’t done with you motherf*ckers
Nah’m sayin’? Ride
Trust, let’s go
Huh, let’s, let’s, let’s go

[Verse 1: 38 Spesh]
I’m riding with my gun again
I don’t want a friend, I want a clip I can fit a hundred in
Oh shit, look what I done again
I was smuggling, they rap ’bout bricks, I really brung them in
Nigga, you let them undercovers in
Y’all was bubbling ’til you told on each other and gave your brother ten
That why I never show that love again
It’s because of them, these niggas’ll turn they own mother in
Huh, my man fought the government
And blew trail for some crack and got 20 years of punishment
The laws changed, now we loving it
He’ll be home soon, but still lost time, pray he recover it
He probably never sell a drug again
He made a promise, I made a promise not to rob my plug again
‘Cause, nigga, I ain’t with the struggling
Got crack in one hand and rap in the other, f*ck it, I’m juggling

[Verse 2: Ransom]
This a secret part of the covenant I’m covering
Pyrex jar where the coke’s bubbling in the room where the oven’s in
So, when I smile it’s a subtle grin

Things I could do without is another friend, I ain’t with the rebuttaling
Here goes the plays, bring the huddle in
The rock, run it back to me, they can’t cover him, they gotta double him
All this praise I’m getting is humbling
Remember when these rappers started mumbling, now the game done with them
How you even discover them? It’s troubling
Before the hunger pains, you feel rumbling then you start stumbling
Blood in your heart pumping in
Whatever vehicle I’m dumping in, it’s off to the dump with them
His moms didn’t talk with him, need a duffle to put something in
Wanna hustle? You need consignment? Just come to him
f*ck with them, I’m lethal weapon and Danny Glover grim
Come again? I got the duffle, mask and gloves again

[Verse 3: Klass Murda]
The mistakes that I made in the game, got my name from the pain nigga and it made me better
We gon’ bang, we gon’ bang, hit your brain for the gang, know you lame, nigga, ’cause I’m with whatever
Never change on the gang, I’m remaining the same through the rain, I’m with my niggas forever
Mary Jane, cocaine, dope slang, everything get exchanged, we gon’ get money forever

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