A Couple Passes Away Six Hours Apart Infected with COVID-19

A Couple Passes Away Six Hours Apart Infected with COVID-19


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After being together for a lifetime, Mary Kepler and her husband Wilford died hours apart. According to CNN affiliate WTMJ, the couple had been to a Wisconsin hospital after contracting coronavirus. Family members are uncertain as to how both became contaminated, the affiliate said. But because they both had the illness, in their last moments they were able to live together — something that most people with coronavirus can not do with their loved ones. Family members around the country had to say their final goodbyes over FaceTime, or read in texts as exhausted medical facilities limited visitors to help stop the spread of the virus.

But the pair, who were together for 73 years, had beds next to each other and had one last time until they died on Saturday to say “I love you,” their granddaughter Natalie Lameka informed the affiliate.

The two were like the “glue that keeps us together” in the family, said their granddaughter. She realized they never had to part makes the pain a little easier when missing those hurts.

Six hours after her husband Mary Kepler died, the affiliate reported.

Till now the novel Coronavirus has infected more than 3 million citizens. Also, had 2,28,000 deaths worldwide and around 973000 have recovered till now.

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