A War Within – Home Is Where My Head Lays Lyrics

I could just stay here
In outer space
Gaze into your light
Like a moth that’s found its place

My stomachs sick from words I can’t remember
People changing like their oh so clever
This is not your fight
You had no right

Is this real life
Does anything matter
There’s no wrong or no right
When your world has been shattered
Take all that u want from me
All that’s left of me and climb that ladder
Is this a sign
That nothing else matters

A test of time
And sanity
Lips are aligned

With a zipper lock and key

Try not to be like our mothers and father’s
Words roll of our tongues that once were a bother
Rebel In Despite
Somethings just not right

Home is where my head lays
Fully grown still my mind plays
It’s sad

Living a lie
Just one false move and theyre waiting for answers
Under the light
Everyone’s waiting for the next disaster
Argue and fight
Cause we all wanna see who gets there faster
To the finish line
The closer we get the less it matters

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