Absynthe Minded – Hell Hole Lyrics

[Verse 1]
This place, I used to be annoyed
Now I just want it to succeed
It’s own right holding on
And it proved that we have no shame

It’s a hell hole
But we don’t care
There’s a charm
That was always there

[Verse 2]
The city revolves around a dream
We all take a part in that
It’s about a start a new
And it won’t be the last

It’s a hell hole
But we don’t care
There’s a charm, that was always there

[Verse 3]
Over here
We know how to live
Novelty acts and befriends

If you see it, the joke’s on you
Don’t take it so serious, fool

Old when those new designs
Up and on
Always shine

It’s a hell hole

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