Aconite Thrill – Caspian Seaside Holiday Lyrics

Pushing these tin cans around every city street
When it was so hard to feel the abvious need for a power feeding
We sit here, you hold my hand
We'll watch water lapping on sand
And now it's all gone
And culture disappeared
All opposition came and went away
And the times changes
It's uselesss you see
They tried
The sign were always in eyesight

Scrawled in block capitals on walls
Warning shots get lost in this saturation
Crush bone between brick and bomb blast
Lifelines can be smashed like glass and then they're gone

Infinite variation lost
Stories of the past gone
All we have now are supplements for a limited lexicon
They broke the information
Lost stories of the past
All we have now are supplements for a limited lexicon

2075 AD, we'll be Caspian Sea
You and me aged so much, so quickly
And the unchangeable became the unthinkable
Was quickly attained and it quickly became the now
At 2075 AD the Caspian Sea resembles Blackpool Pleasure Beach
With red rock
Red waves and no hope

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