Aconite Thrill – Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Lyrics

I listened so hard from school to my home
The words were so strong
Spoke right to my heart
I was itching to take up the rold
It seems so clear now
That we make our own
We always make our own and mould into anything
Our hearts are aflame
To break it was to risk it
And to risk it was all the proof I needed to make it so complete
And the relief was so sublime
I think you know it
I think you share this place with me

And I think it's really here
I listened so hard
Projected myself onto their world and the process became the meaning
To break it so complete
To make it
And our heart are aflame with the light of everything
Now we've broken everything with the light of everything

A journey that started year ago as a tiny seed
Through passion commitment and faith
Has rewarded me with the fully grown prize you now hold

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