Aconite Thrill – Maps To Mornings In Bed Lyrics

Open across folds
Expand to find six aquares of land
The contours create a landscape we can almost taste
I was snooping around our room
I found a secret hidden under covers
Something made it something, gave it a life
A not attached read "this is a plan for a day after day kind of was to feel fine
Inside you can move your weight onto left, onto right
You might notice your footsteps aren't confined by mine"
I need to know how you feel about just strolling
Optimism beats down on my neck

The heat burns as I sweat and march up the steep slope
You're only a few steps ahead and we make our own steps
So today for the first time in a long time
We stretch our legs and walk with our minds held high
Take it all in
Take it all in and then some
There's a few things we never get enoguh of
Second chances, mornings wasted in bed
And knowing we can make this place perfect for us
After being hidden away for so many days
A thousand lives, a thousand ways to walk these hills

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