Adamn Killa – Rag & Bone Lyrics (feat. Lil B)

Rag and bone is on my team
PRP is on my jeans (x2)

I might take a trigger to buy lean
You niggas garbage like wall-e
I’m Adamn there ain’t no stopping me
Niggas think they me they don’t be where I be
I think I’m (?) Cecily
Niggas hating man they be so sick of me
They mad I had to rag and bone my team

[Verse 1]
They mad I had to prp my jeans
They mad I had to rag and bone my team
Niggas switch up on they mans for some p*ssy
Nigga bitches they get mad, they run and tweak
How a nigga running with no feet
These niggas act like birds but got no bees
They mad I got the Gucci on my feet
Niggas and they feelings take a seat

Get out the kitchen if you can’t take the heat
Niggas ain’t cashing out they keep the receipts
They on my dick they want the recipe


[Verse 2]
They wanna eat just how Adamn eat
What that smell? Man, I think I smell defeat
Niggas from the suburbs, not the streets
Bitch I’m cashin’, I be in Barneys
These niggas mad cause they across the street
That’s urban if you don’t know where Barneys be
I think I’m Dirty Donald, way I’m on fleek
I think I’m Adamn, the way I be me
These niggas they just copying and v
They hating but they still be listening
Cause I’m shining bitch I be glistening
Niggas bitches (?)


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