Adamn Killa – Roll The Dice Lyrics

I gotta’ catch a flight
Gotta’ roll the dice
Only what I like
I just do what I like
You know that shit ain’t’ right
But you had to bite
Like you eat a shrimp or rice
White on white
[Verse 1]
Dike on die
You just cry
I’m for blind
In my new ride
Im clean like Thai
Who am I?
I’m a lot in my eyes
Gotta’ roll the dice

[Verse 2]
I’m trina’ ball like mike
My money Thai hight
They do it out of spite
Brain no outa’ sprite

I’m just livin’ my life
One day at a time
I won’t say hi’
Tonight or them guys

[Verse 3]
They brains is fried
Why you ain’t’ cold ice
I ain’t tryna’ fight
Niggas got too much time
My money is time
They just want the line
They can’t even shine
Cause they ain’t on their grind
They just waste their mind

[Verse 4]
I just want all them digits
I just want all them bitches
Dirty hair like pigeons

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