Aidan Fine – Ivy Lyrics

Father if I
Promise to chase my dreams
Will you stand beside me
To make ends meet?
I’m drowning in my bloodstream
Will you cut the IV
And make me clean?

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I scare myself
With thoughts I can’t control
Last week my homie
Told me she been feeling real low
Cos some dude stays harassing her
She’s tryna let him go
But this the typa dude who pushes it
Even when she says no
And now you see my strife
If he so much as touches her
I might just end his life
And I am not the violent type
Thoughts keep me up at night
This the same kid who advocates
For love and positivity
But even in my mind
I know that ain’t nobody feeling me
Including me, I ask myself
Am I fooling me? Am I being true to me?
And one day when I die
Will I be happy with my eulogy?
God knows
And I’m so focused on perfection
I can’t help but over do it
To be honest I’m a human being
Scared of being human
All my haters come in second place
To how I treat myself
You could call my music trash
But that’s what I already felt
One day I big up myself
And next day I’m a hater
Wanna blow up so bad
I’m like God do me a favour
Just a couple million views
Maybe a grammy or two
And if I meet Beyonce
I would say she’s overrated
I’d go back to my high school
And stunt because I’m famous
Change my number, lose some friends
Get Chris his Mercedes Benz
Go to sleep inside my mansion
And get my a mom house
With a personal chef
So she don’t have to feed 5 mouths
I’d wake up in the morning
See my wifey and my family
See I achieved all my dreams
And I can finally be happy

Father if I
Promise to chase my dreams
Will you stand beside me
To make ends meet?
I’m drowning in my bloodstream
Will you cut the IV
And make me clean?

[Verse 2]
I’m a hypocrite
At least I deal with it
See, Kanye dropped a track
Told my friends that it was trash
But I get up in my feelings
When somebody calls me wack
Let me grow
Because I know
I know your dreams’ll run away
And that’s why we call it a chase
I hoping you would notice
I been growing at some pace
When I look up in the mirror
I don’t even see my face
Tunnel vision for my goals
Keep me focused on my rolls
Producer, writer, rapper, engineer
I’m on a mission
I do everything that Russ does
Don’t need the recognition
I’m a free man, I haven’t sold my brain
Not my soul, not a record
Chance The Rapper in this game
Aidan Fine is the name
On the copyright message
Only time I sell my soul
If I’m selling vinyl records
Yeah, but you don’t see my vision
I’m not here for your respect
I’m just tryna be myself
And let my music say the rest

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