Aidan Fine – Things Change Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I was having a good week
Kicking it at full speed
Hit the beach, fishing
For some peace of mind
I know the real reason
Happiness is feeble
Is that people never
Really feel too
Happy for the longest times
I wish that I could stay happy…
Why I gotta be the type
To switch up like a snitch?
I was happier this morning
Then I switched, what is this?
Went from solid state to floppy disk
What gives, God?
I suppose I should be talking to myself and not God
Cos if God was in control of my feelings I’d die
A very unawarey Bender-robot type
With no reason to be feeling anything that I like
But these days I’m feeling things I’m not appreciating
So Dear Lord, please can you get officiating
Take all the pain and turn it all into pleasure
Keep me composed, make a picture perfect fella
My mama texted me and told me Aunty Sonia died
And then she told me that’s the 5th one we lost
In the last couple months
Only been two years but my fam’s lost love
God, what do you want?
I know my blessings are the things I gotta focus on
But you been steady taking things I was relying on
My mind’s strong I don’t need a marathon
Of tragedy, insanity to make me where I’m ought to be
There’s not a single part of me
That’s wants to feel sad
So why my own brain
Gotta stab me in the back?
My father told me there’s a reason for your every mood
Inside your brain all your feelings are just chemicals
He said he love me, I said do you really though?
I said love is a feeling, much like happy and sad
So am I in control, or is my brain in a vat?
You triggering my inner mentalities
And feelings, since I was born
And here I am, spinning like a ceiling fan

So pour another cup
Of feelings that you once had
Let’s all make a toast
To things that ain’t bad
Cos when things go south
Know it’s all in your brain
When you’re feeling real low
Just remember: things change

[Verse 2]
Things change
And my friends say me too
Apparently the ones you need don’t need you
Or it’s the opposite cos every time you try to kick
They make you feel like you are nothing
But an option to them
And I don’t like to be the one to tell you this
But I’m not obligated to be everything you want
I didn’t sign no contract, I feel like a punch bag
Every time I tell you how I feel you just punch back
But that’s life, you could tell them how you feel
But if they don’t wanna hear then they ain’t gonna hear
This my life, I could tell them where I am
And if they ain’t gon be here then they ain’t gon be here

So pour another cup
Of feelings that you once had
Let’s all make a toast
To things that ain’t bad
Cos when life change gears
And your homies ain’t the same
It’s okay for you to grow
Cos remember: things change

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