Aidonia Trolls Vybz Kartel From His Mansion, “Badmind Is Active”

Aidonia continues to troll Vybz Kartel on IG following rumors of an eviction.

Aidonia isn’t saying much; he’s letting his music throw the jabs as he responds subtly to Vybz Kartel as he vibes in front of his mansion to his latest song ‘Dat Eazy’. The 4th Genna leader showed off in his multicolor shorts and crisp white t-shirt as he vibes to the part of his song that speaks to him relaxing at a pool with a smooth skin chick, something Kartel clearly cannot do right now.

The video was posted to his Instagram, and within two hours, 58k people liked the post. Aidonia, in the caption, asked that his landlord contact him urgently, “can the landlord of this property contact me urgently I’ve been hearing about you and I need your assistance with an issue!!! #badmindisactive in haters,” he hashtagged to end the post.

Fans immediately reacted as they knew the post was directed to Kartel- one commenter posted, “Yo muma lashy @vybzkartel the genna say u fi contracts the landlord.” Another addressed Kartel, whose defacto home has been prison since his arrest in 2012 –“U think karte wuda more humble and silent in deh but ppl a laugh offa him cause end a day him deh a jail n didi a run road.”

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Over on Twitter, Aidonia took the time to directly address the situation- he said, “one thing unu kno bout me mi nuh use media and controversy fi find song! Bad inna real life wid me GOD given talent!!! Drop boms pon dem head,” he said.

He also seems to be throwing words at Kartel’s sexuality “n****rs who talk too much suck hood,” he said in what is definitely a blow to the Fever artiste’ is a self-proclaimed gyallis who cannot conduct his usual affairs due to being imprisoned.

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