Aitch – AitcH2O Freestyle Lyrics

Come to me for info if you’re tryna know which way to go
Me, I had the tekkerz from a younger, then became a pro
Water when I spit, I’m saying nobody can break the flow
Essential in this game so I’ma call the EP H2O, get me?
I thought I’d come on here and say “Hello”
Before I go and play the new single up on the radio
Shout everyone who’s supporting, it really saved me though
If music never happened, God knows how I’d be making dough

Trust me darg, you gotta take your opportunity
Don’t matter if it’s 9 to 5 grafting or it’s musically
Strong team around me, real ones, they step through with me
My broski is arresting if somebody try to move to me
Take me in, you gotta pull it up and spin it
Ayo, listen baby girl, I swear you’re lucky if I lick it
Mac daddy, Aitch will stay running up the digits
I can’t wait to drop the tape, man, I swear it’s been a minute

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