Ajj – Christmas Island Lyrics

[Verse 1]
The meter won’t stop running
And the liar keeps on lying
The quitters keep on quitting
And the triers keep on trying
The watchers keep on watching
And the buyers keep on buying

The cancer won’t stop growing
So the criers keep on crying
The chemo keeps on making the living feel like dying
The radiation isn’t as radiant
As it was when it was exploding
On an island somewhere in the South Pacific

And the cummers won’t stop cumming
And the bleeders won’t stop bleeding
The f**kers keep on f**king
And the needers keep on needing
The lurid lusty feelings that I’m feeling keep on being

And our thoughts won’t stop existing
So our gods continue living
And the devil keeps providing us
Excuses for all our sucking
We’re getting what we want
As long as a giver keeps on giving
And everyone has a secret that they cherish

And the drinkers won’t stop drinking
So their livers might stop working
And the living keep on living
Until they’re dead from all the dying
The odds aren’t in our favor
For resurrections without zombies

And the biters won’t stop biting
And the flyers keep on flying
The washer keeps on washing
And the dryers keep on drying
The spiders in my mouth are getting bored of my routine
It’s a bad day for spider-man


[Verse 2]
And the night eater keeps on eating
Into the wee hours of the morning
The grieving salted mourners remain in pain
Until they’re roaring
The streets are filled with choking screams
And vomiters and dancing

And the constant things stay constant
Despite everything that’s changing
And the haters keep on hating
And the lovers keep on hating
The universe continues destroying
And reviving and destroying
Reviving and destroying
Reviving and destroying
Reviving and destroying
And reviving and destroying
And reviving and destroying

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