American Actor Tom Cruise to Work Together with NASA for a Film

American Actor Tom Cruise to Work Together with NASA for a Film


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In the name of film making, American actor Tom Cruise wants to fly into outer space, and NASA says that is happening. NASA’s head reported on Tuesday that the space agency is working with actor Tom Cruise to make an International Space Station movie. A NASA spokesman has also reported to CNN Business that Cruise would launch into space and live aboard the platform, a multibillion-dollar facility orbiting about 250 miles above Earth.

Since 2000, rotating crews of astronauts have continuously lived onboard the ISS, and over the years, a few highly compensated visitors have stopped at the station. At one point in the early 2000s, pop star Lance Bass, of ‘NSYNC boyband fame, arranged a tour, but that trip didn’t work out.

A couple of films were shot onboard the space station including a 2002 IMAX documentary directed by Cruise. 2012’s science fiction film “Apogee of Terror” was also filmed in space by the astronaut’s friend, the entrepreneur and space tourist Richard Garriott. Yet Cruise may be the first person to experience extraterrestrial journeys.

It is not clear when or how Cruise will be travelling to the space station. Or what additional members of the crew could join him. Russia is the only nation capable of transporting humans too. Also, from the space station, but SpaceX and Boeing have been working for years. It is to build spacecraft capable of returning that capability to the US. Crew Dragon, SpaceX’s spacecraft scheduling to complete its first crew flight to the ISS later this month.

SpaceX to Sell Seats Onboard Crew Dragon

Unlike earlier decades’ human spaceflight projects, however, NASA does not own and operate spacecraft from SpaceX or from Boeing. Both companies will be able to sell seats to visitors. Or those willing to pay the multimillion price tag onboard their spacecraft. SpaceX previously reported that it would sell seats onboard Crew Dragon for around $50 million all with third-party companies.

Last year, NASA also released guidance setting out proposals. This is to enable non-governmental space travellers to pay the space agency. It is for use of the facilities of the International Space Station. The document also explained how much such facilities could cost. It is at $11,250 a day, the use of life support equipment and the toilet was listed. Meat, air, and other services cost $22,500 a day.

The International Space Station designs as a collaboration between dozens of countries. But its primary operators are the United States and Russia. According to a 2018 government estimate, operating is in the US portion of the orbital laboratory. Where astronauts perform scientific and commercial work, costs US taxpayers between $3 billion to $4 billion per annum.

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