American Professional Boxer Mike Tyson Announces his Return to the Boxing Ring

American Professional Boxer Mike Tyson Announces his Return to the Boxing Ring


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American professional boxer Mike Tyson was trying to return to the boxing ring, just as the fans across the globe wanted to see him making a comeback. The last time the former undisputed heavyweight champion walked into a boxing ring was when he lost to Kevin McBride after losing to Danny Williams in his second straight loss. In 2004, Tyson took on Williams and ended up losing via TKO. Iron Mike hung up his gloves for good after suffering a stoppage defeat to McBride.

It seems, though, that the 53-year-old would find his way back to the boxing ring not soon enough. He’s shown interest recently in engaging in exhibition fights. The proceeds which will go to charities. Tyson expressed his advances with fans via social media. And seems to be in great condition. MMA coach Rafael Cordeiro led Tyson back into battle mode.

Unsurprisingly enough, chances to start knocking on Tyson’s door didn’t take long. It’s quite shocking to get an offer to pick up a $20 million fight with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, though. However, throughout the boxing circuit, Tyson ‘s ambition has raised a lot of eyebrows. And many left wondering if for the sake of a triumphant return, Tyson risks a serious injury or a health condition.

Either way, seasoned promoter Frank Warren has ruled out the prospect of Tyson claiming a worthy heavyweight. For he is worried that Tyson may sustain an injury from which he might not be able to recover. It is if he takes a rash decision to take over the likes of Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder.

“I’m back,” Tyson, in a gray beard, announces at the end of the video.

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