Amirsaysnothing – Victory Loves Company Lyrics (feat. Slug)

[Verse 1: AmirSaysNothing]
Top to bottom
Break em, got em’
Everyday is solve a dollar
Gotta problem, Saul will call him
I don’t even speak tomorrow
When i make a dozen, they gon’ take it, government
Break ya back, but I don’t take that f*ck em’
Life without but I dont complain
Cousins, Got ya back but that don’t make me buzzin’
Watch the shit bounce
Lift ya feet and get em’ off the couch
Ain’t gone beat the game at the house
Know I speak a lot, they quiet that’s a mouse
I ain’t gotta pay the price, but it’s cheap
Give respect and get it, can’t compete
Ima walking peace treaty and they flock
When the trunk knock, from block to overseas

Watch me dance to it all alone
Another day, say what’s going on? (Yeah)
Wanna kick it and I’m always gone
A known unknown so I ain’t going home (Yeah)
My Babygirl say, “whats going on?”
And what the f*ck is Prollie going wrong (Yeah)
Ya Charge me up, I’m just another loan
A known unknown but i ain’t going long

[Verse 2: AmirSaysNothing]
Run that back
Wanna live a life that’s that fat?

Wanna keep a mess then that’s that
Live like twice, ain’t that strapped
I’ma get that scratch, im’a “save that money”
Laugh at all, nothing make me flinch
She bark all day and i don’t get that shit
Can’t take none from me I’m all f*ck dat shii
Always catch me in the whip
Top down where I got that shit
TV deck I’ll watch it if it flip
And I’m rolling back when i take a hit
What’s really good? trying to speak?
Ain’t that hard if ya trying reach
I’m so high now I’m trying to find a peak
Pass the phone i gotta dial and beep


[Verse 3:] Slug
I was half asleep, in the passenger seat
Of my daddy’s caprice, when I was havin’ this dream
I don’t remember where we were but that don’t matter to me
It’s when I opened my eyes and saw the branches and leaves
Both sides of this wind shield grimey
But the sunshine still tryin to spill through and fine me
Abandon the crutches and bleed through the bandage
Dab a little on the brush and leave it on the canvas


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