Angelica Garcia – Karma The Knife Lyrics

Laid it on the table so everyone had a perfect view
So everyone understood what kind of hell they were getting into
To err’s to be human, but to gamble’s to be a fool
Better not be reckless, children
Pride’s the ultimate Achilles Heel

I call Karma “The Knife”

I lack the discipline!
I’ve proven time and time again
I f*cked up last week and I’ll probably f*ck up the next
The universe is cyclical
Everything comes right back around
And I’d hate to have something as silly as yesterday be what chains me down

Cowards only talk about their fears
People just denying their bad habits through the years
I’m not one to boast about my ways
But I’d like to spend my glory days with my ducks in row and my heart in tow
Without aching over what I owe
I’ll overthink about it and I’ll be singing along in my own way
I call Karma “The Knife”

So it was said and so I believed
And so I’ll be repeating it and repeating it until you see

I call Karma “The Knife”

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