Anonymuz – Zion Lyrics (feat. Swerzie)

[Intro: Anonymuz]
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Anonymuz]
Yeah, nigga, it’s about time
I’ve been on my way for too long
My house, nigga, y’all can wait or move on
Got a lot of legacy I’d hate to lose on
And got a lot of people I can’t wait to prove wrong
Anybody stepping in my way gets snoozed, harmed
Abused, bruised, rocked, and then sent to view God
You move wrong, kid, it’s your execution
‘Cause it’s a new dawn to the revolution
I been waiting, I been patient, my wrist aching
Tryin to slap all these niggas who act like I’m bench playin’
I make anybody step in the game and then quit playin’
I been saying, I been saying, I been saying
Name a rapper better than me, I’ma sensei ’em
If these motherf*ckers ever want heat, I’ma send Satan
Or send Wade in the next day, and the next day
Until everybody dehydrate and they expirate
And they food, dawg, boy, I’ma eat ’til I need a new job
Fired up, so I know y’all are gon’ need a new job
Best (Nujabes) with the spiritual state, channeling 2Pac
Ridin’ with ambitions to hit ’em up when I’m too calm
Who want war with us, boy? I be on my Wukong
Ape shit, and I ain’t even break from my woosah
Patience, crucify anybody that do cross
Matrix, feeling like I’m the one when I’m on this rooftop
Looking over the skyline telling niggas it’s my time
Well envisioned, bitch, I give ’em hell when sitting the sidelines
Felt the friction from grinding through Hell the pit and the mind, I
Welcome niggas to try me then welcome them niggas to die by
Television way, I’m sendin’ hella clips to my bygones
Well equipped in my element, well eclipsing your icons
Celibate to the industry, definition of nice, dawg
Everyone asleep ’til I welcome niggas to Zion

[Verse 2: Swerzie]
Heard they sleeping, I’m pulling up and I’m creeping

I’m popping up like a demon, they knowing that it’s my season
These rappers switching up on me, I’m taking them out for treason
I never make any moves without purpose or any reason
You hating, I’ll always one up, they know that I’m gonna come up
They know that I’m finna make the whole room motherf*cking shut up
I don’t like to talk and cut up, all I know is get my sum up
Get my funds up, ain’t no fun stuff when we talkin’ ’bout my buck-bucks
Don’t be mad because you stuck in the middle
I’ve been parked in underground like I was made out of nickel
Articles been talking ’bout how Brian been going Sicko
And if a rapper tryna diss you, cop a pistol for issues
Flow’s cold like you need tissue or you live in an igloo
I’ma slowly kill you off like respirating in mildew
I don’t contemplate when I have thoughts if I should go kill you
You try and ride in on my radicals, your mama gon’ miss you, bitch

[Verse 3: Swerzie]
Ayy, if problems occur, I won’t observe
You finna see me, lil’ bitch
The BM I swerve, speeding through curbs
I know you wan’ be me, you bitch
Y’all get on my nerves, ask kin for a verse
I need me some green, you lil’ bitch
They said I’m the worst and I came in first
Go take you a seat, you lil’ bitch
Rxdical rhyme
I know haters they watch and they plottin’
I know that they get mad when we drop it
In the Off-White, I pulled up and copped it
Only hit me up if it’s ’bout profit
I see rot in a group full of Prophets
Don’t wan’ hear ’bout who better, boy, stop it
But if it ain’t me, then f*ck the whole topic
f*ck you and all that shit that you talking
Better stand up when you see me walking, bitch

[Outro: Swerzie]
Yeah, look look look, look look look, look look

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