Antimatter – Black Eyed Man Lyrics

Keep working hard on your appearance
‘Cause you know when you’re in, you’re in
The drive flickers like a candle
Accessing lines stored within

Old man berates the congregation
Instill a fear he’ll soon expose
Replete with a wooden constellation
To seal the doors closed
While he sold his children’s souls

Feed yourself when you can
Black-eyed man doesn’t understand
That the world is no more stupid than he is convincing
When will he understand?

The politics of a man
With a gun in a gentle hand?
It’s the tolerance of those he tried to piss on
That let him get this far
But he thinks he won the hand…
There’s a black old soul
In a black-eyed man

Too steeped in lore to make a change
Too predisposed to compensate
Stuck on the roundabout
With no idea the inside is out
So on we play

Feed yourself when you can
Fool yourself when you can
Kill yourself when you can

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