Antoine Dunn – Save Yourself Lyrics

Antoine L. Dunn-Save Yourself Lyrics


I love you
You are free
We will be


Everyday I think of you and…
Every thought I think you’ll see

Every night I close my eyes I wonder how I need to be

And when I never hear from you I hurt inside because your free
Afraid im not the one for you and you are not the one for me

But I don’t know what else to for loving you is all I need
I pray for just one dance with you to hold you close and make you see

That love will pave the way for you and me
and drown our tears and fears at sea

and sail away eternally in love


Save yourself from you and me
Save yourself from me and you

And all the hurt and pain from yesterday that we’ve both been through

Save yourself from you and me

Save yourself from me and you

Tomorrow promises our happiness
If our hearts set sail to love(love love love…Yea)


(Ayee)Baby I can’t think
Baby I can’t eat
Baby I can’t sleep at night

I toss and turn
my heart just burns
nothing I do feels right(Ayee)

Everywhere I go
I never know if it’s the right thing to do(Ayee)

At home I wait
The floor I pace
Waiting to see your face
Family and friends come to an end cause they can’t take your place(Ayee)

I’ve lost my mind and track of time
Tying to find what to do
Cause I’m so in love with you(Yea)
so in love with you…

and I just wanna save

Save yourself from you and me(oh whoa)
Save yourself from me and you(oh Ooo)

Tomorrow promises our happiness

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