Antropomorphia – Carved To Pieces Lyrics

On remains ov blood and bone I thrive
Holocaustic carnal lust
Madness divine
Let the tongues ov murder be my guide

Prophetic parasitic plague
Vile insects that reside in the shade
Absolute genocide
Eradicate their sulfurous beliefs and shrines
Rejoice in depths ov flesh
Nihilistic hand ov death

Tireless destruction ov the unhinged swine
Darkness unbound in quenchless might
Extinguish the kingdom ov false divine

Let the tongues ov murder be my guide

Endless torture
Reaping life
Maiming flesh

Carved to pieces
Rancid stench
Entrails lie
I rape and rape
Debris ov aborted life

Set the world ablaze
Steel carving flesh
Man, a cancerous waste
Universe ov pest
Glorious hate
Harvest fruits ov death
Absorb humankind
Revel in total death

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