Antropomorphia – Crowned In Smoldering Ash Lyrics

Unshackled from this carnal garment full ov wretched, cancerous, devouring light
A desirous carrier ov a venal melancholic lie
Subdued misery
Loathsome in every stride

Profound intense exultation
Vermin ov the womb
Lamb ov deceitful desire

Devouring pallid tides
Taste, crowned in smoldering ash
Ghastly voices rise
Announce my beckoning death
Desolate freedom
Imprisoned by the murmur ov a formless life
Necromantical screams
Tortured walls
Withers the flame, maze ov the blind

Embody and nourish
The cold caressing down my spine
Profound intense exultation
Valour, wields of the knife

Arterial purging
Inhale the beckoning yonder
A numb weary embrace
The jaws ov this lawless hunger
Incised dissonance ov silence
Coagulation ov a pulsating flood
Unrelenting torment, binds thise hearse ov flesh and bone
The oncoming wall ov darkness
Endless salvation pierced with poisoned thorns
Ground becomes my flesh
Wallowed in ashes cold

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