Antropomorphia – Gospel Ov Perversion Lyrics

Wade through echoes ov terrestrial flesh
Temple ov decomposition
Breathing wounds
Grotesquely disharmonized
Ravenous, erotic desire

Salacious sounds ov mournful suffering
Rapturous communion with the dead
Mangled cunt depraved and gaping
Lurid deeds ov wickedness

Thighs enclose the mouth ov withering
Unfold moist draped tender flesh

Swollen tongue swirls through her labia
Fungoid slime
Drips from the cleft

Miasmic voluptuous harbour
Breathing in the pungent scent
Purity ov sin upon the altar
Banquet ov the pale
And withering
Maculate grey veiled garment
Ritualized passionate flesh
Putrid lust for the woeful dormant
Harlot ov dismemberment

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