Antropomorphia – Morbid Rites Lyrics

Wielder, ov the blackest crafts
Black magikal fire
From the seething cauldron
A sepulchral gong reverberates
Throughout the temple
Burial vale

Serpent harlot ov the death
Rites ov nekrophilic acts
Cloaked in phosphorescent paleness
Burning loins ov wickedness

Resplendent, impious darkness
Beckoning frantic walls
Despair absorbed by dust
Boundless, devouring eternities
Odious essence
Veils ov carnal rot

Quench the thirst ov this profane void

Lamentations from beneath the mouldy soil
Tongue ov flame hissing ash and coal
Exhume the rotten flesh from its barren abode

Withered within a profane grave
The infants blood
Balm for the slumbering pale
Imperious, sexual lust
Rapturous communion
Glorious lamb ov carnal rot

Procession ov the formless grey
Within damp tomb caverns
Putrefied skin like glistening clay
Devotion ignites the flaming crown
Cadaver mausoleum
Death’s beauty unbound

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