Antropomorphia – Nekrovaginal Secretions Lyrics

Passion of heat enclosed between her thighs
Her body quivers from seduction
Pacified gazing eyes
Echoes ov her mourning

Morbid touch full ov dark desire
The pale skin lies corrupted
Vertiginous beauty
Lingering in demise

Muted by the dust and soil of the grave
Shadow tongue from beneath the burial drape
Wreathed in infectious decay
Imprisoned by a slumbering haze
A deathless sleep
Enslavement ov the freshly pale

Robed in the vile stench ov death

Casting spells, sacrificial offering
Carving knife, etching paths
Somber sanctum ov her suffering

Pacify the hunger
Mouldered flesh
Bearer ov worms
Exalted crown ov death
The warmth ov decomposing searing cunts
Taste ov necrovaginal secretions
Mount the lifeless garment
Ritual masturbation
Muted beauty, bridled carnal lust
Necrophagous devouring
Tempestuous desire nourished by fertile rot
A mangled bleakness, tantric awakening

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