Antropomorphia – Sinful Rapture Lyrics

Drink from the abysmal night
A dissonant symphony
Delirium of delight
Shadows of longing colliding in waves
Entranced naked shapes
Diabolical whirl
Dval silhouettes
Enchanted vessels of perverted wickedness
Triangle of lust
Adorned yearning flesh
Bewitching fiery caress

Lavish debauchery of libidinous flesh
Prodigious beauty glorified and shameless

The sins of nocturnal rapture
In darkness sworn
Profound embrace of chaos
Ecstatic murmur
Fiend of spirits and dust

Sacrosanct perversion
Rapturous slithering tongues
Opium of desire
Untamed beckoning gulfs
Dissonant ominous squeals
Culminating tangled lust
The nectar of their labia
Moist desireth cunts

Lavish debauchery of libidinous flesh
Irresistible bewitching wickedness

Devoured by attraction
Mirrored nakedness
Gepraved Temptation
Servants to the witches flesh
Beauty titillation
Marks of the devil’s blood
Lost in the opium
Longing to see her cum

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