Antropomorphia – Tevfelskvnst Lyrics

Nebulous reflections
Nurtured by blood and flame
Servitude to wickedness
Beyond the shadows ov the grave
From the river ov blackened waters comes forth this dormant creation
The desolated beauty in a cascade ov abomination

Hallucinogenic forms
Seas ov eroded bones
Pathogenic whores
Born from the withered womb

Frozen tongues
Sing a requiem ov woeful cries
From the depths ov Irk-al-la
Shadows dance like a rapteuos blazing pale fire
Salvific darkness runs through venal clotted veins

Pacified hearts revived by morbid grace

Nocturnal sacrifice
Purity defiled

Self-deifying sexual rites
Incestuous crimes

Daughters ov Cain
Communion ov pale
Gospel ov whores
Invocation ov the nine brides

The light ov the crescent moon
Engulfed by a blackened storm
As the daughters ov mist
Take antropomorphic form
Naked mantles nourished and mothered by her demon blood
Shadow flesh servitors ov her sexual lust

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