Apashe – Insane Lyrics (feat. Tech N9ne)

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Tech N9ne
Strange Music 2020

[Chorus: Tech N9ne]
Once I had to lose all abuse I use
Lower, then lower, then what do you know
Then my sane hit sick, who knew

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout a lot of pain
Back when I was little when they always hit the game
Nobody came for me when I was in the lane
Of going insane, but that was a part of the game
What it would take up in the brain, I was headed for change
I became the name, bang, with a claim
When I was never gonna be the one in the flame
But I gotta remain, full of heart, a part of a gang
Make ’em reduce it
Our independent slammer and forever reclusive
The evil, it’s all in me, I can never refuse it
Never knew there was a way for me to sever abuses
The devil is stalling, love level is falling
Pedal never stalling, heavy metal, was all
Of a brawl, I had the gall to wanna stop it all
But saw ballin’, drawl when
Rhythm I give ’em to bring y’all and
Lyrically take you through hell
Heaven the six at the seven you smell
All in my tails, they told me I was to fail
But I’m one of the legends who sell
I took my anguish and put it to language
I spit it up and hang with those equally dangerous
I threw a Strange fit
Tech Nina came with
Some deep insane shit
My CD, it’s sick, I came with hits
A lot of pain, di’n’t quit, the famous shit
Got me a strange business, my name switched quick
They got the game twisted if your lane dismiss
All I do is thinkin’ on the pain that sits
Then I put it to the paper, never tame, it’s lit
When I hop off the top now
My sane hits sick, then I flame this bitch

[Pre-Chorus: Tech N9ne]
We don’t play no games, we bust shots
And all you who defame we trust not

[Chorus: Tech N9ne]
Once I had to lose all abuse I use
Lower, then lower, then what do you know
Then my sane hit sick, who knew


Then my sane hit sick, who knew

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