Arab Strap – Go Back To The Sea Lyrics

I sang into the ocean
My sword and valentine
Not a scratch on your heart
But you really broke mine

When you found out your jacket
Had been hidden above
The bed where I once thought that
We might be in love

So go back to the sea
If you can’t live with me
So go back to the brine
If you just can’t be mine

The moon is my mate, and he’s so round and full tonight
And he’s always said that he thought your sisters where right
The seagulls are swooping, they screech and they caw

Politely inquiring, hey, where is your squaw?

I say she’s in the sea
‘Cause she can’t live with me
She’s gone back to the brine
She never really was mine

The [?] swallows up my bare and sinking feet
Then a thought crosses my mind that I dare not repeat
My solution is so simple,I know what I can do
Just a few more steps and I’ll be on my way to you

And I’ll live in the sea
And then you’ll be with me
Yes, I”ll live in the brine
And soon you will be mine

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