Archgoat – Grand Luciferian Theophany Lyrics

Crawl the Path I walked
Follow my Footsteps
Burn the Semen as Sacrifice
For Your Rite of Passage

Through the Obsidian Gates
Inside the Flames of Knowledge
Join with the Darkness
In the Circle of Summoning

Hail Satan
Hail Lucifer
Hail Satan

Hail Satan
Hail Lucifer
Hail Satan

Sacred Cup of Knowledge
Offered to My Ashen lips
The Key to the Powers in Reach
Theophany of Lucifer’s Might

Reborn as Might Incarnated
Hail Lucifer, Father of Wisdom
A new God in the Flesh
Hail Lucifer, Lord of Earth

Black Flame of Awakening
And glowing Spheres of Abyss
Eclipse the Faces of God
As Wisdom carves the Weakness

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