Archons – Wandering The Burning Land Lyrics

What we are witnessing today is a struggle between the end of an old era
And the beginning of a new one
We are walking the path of extinction
This pain and fear can seem unfair, it’s beyond our limitations
The earth will put an end to us, and this is reality
What’s happening to us is what we deserve
We mmust fight the earth that gave us birth
Human kind has engaged its self-destruction

Wandering the burning land
The only thing you will choose is how you’ll face the end

The most ironic place to be, is just right here
Many people will die in fear, others in serenity
Where will you be
What will you do
When they will come for you
You better it’s on this way
Right this way
Every day that passes, life force is taken back
No matter if we try or not, we’ll totally fade away
As the world falls around us
We remain still and silent
Following the greedy nature of man
All we do is wandering the burning land

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