Argentina Bans All Commercial Flights Until Sep 1

Argentina Bans All Commercial Flights Until Sep 1


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Because of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, Argentina banned all internal and international commercial flights until 1 September. The authorities said airlines would not be permitted to sell tickets for flights that in the next four months might not be going forward. Groups in the aviation industry have said thousands of workers might lose their jobs. In March Argentina closed its doors to non-residents, enforcing strict quarantine measures.

Currently, the country has nearly 4,000 confirmed infections, with 192 deaths, Johns Hopkins University figures show. On Monday, the National Civil Aviation Administration released a decree prohibiting ticket sales too, from or inside Argentina for commercial flights. It defined a date “fair” as 1 September. The agency adds that the decree intends to prohibit airlines from ticketing flights that argentine authorities had not approved.

Lata, the international aviation agency, sent out a letter to the Argentine government. It states that the decision violated bilateral agreements. Also, placed more than 300,000 jobs in the country at risk. In the meantime, Alta, an organization that lobbies Latin American and Caribbean airlines’ interests. It said the decision did not “agree with the industry.” Several South American countries prohibited commercial flights. But none continued the ban for as long as Argentina.

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