Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Omen Lyrics

When dusk went out
You awoke to dawn
You tripped and fell, but stood and walked right on

I told you once and i told you twice
But you didn't hear so you paid the price
In time

It was an omen…
It was an omen, so you can't say it wasn't there

You broke the glass when the kettle blew
Your sister called you … of the gloom

I told you twice and i told you again
That half the time is double again

My friend

It was an omen, and you can see the meaning now
It was an omen, and the cards are taking out

You bid him sanctuary but never won at all
Leave everything to chance
The chance can throw you like a stone

You had a revelation when
The flames arose to melt your skin
You walked along and …
And flew around the world entire
In time
It was an omen x4

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