Armani Caesar – Palm Angels Lyrics

Uh, yeah
AC, nigga
Yo, yo

Let me tell you ’bout this nigga, make my old nigga look like shit, huh
Look like shit (Uh-huh)
And now since I left, now my old nigga hooked like shit, huh
Got him hooked like shit (Uh-huh)
He the type of nigga, gettin’ money but don’t look like it (Right)
Not like these broke niggas tryna look like Mitch, huh
Type of nigga holdin’ bottles up for pics (Yeah)
Wanna hold a bankroll so it look like his, nah
He a G so I hooked him in (Uh-huh)
Showed him how good I could cook them bricks (Woo)
He said “Damn, ma, how you cook like this?”
f*ck like a ho but still look like wiz
He say he heard I was on some gold dig shit (What?)
I told him, “Nah, I’m just the type of bitch that look right rich”, huh (Facts)
And hе took a bitch in as is (Uh-huh)
I ain’t had to front or wear no tight shit, uh
Down to earth, she ’bout hеrs, my word (My word)
And he put a nigga in dirt about her (About her)
Pulled his coattail as soon as I got word
That some niggas tryna snitch on niggas that got work (Watch out for him)

I’d ride for mines, grind for mines (Uh-huh)
Pull the trigger for a nigga, I’d die for mines (Die for mines)
Police at the door, I’d lie for mines (Lie for mines)
Talk big shit to ’em while he hide the nines (What up?)
Now we livin’ in the ever lap of luxury (Luxury)
I’m realizin’ that you didn’t have to f*ck with me (Uh-huh)
But you did, now I’m goin’ all out, kid (Uh-huh)
And I got mad love to give, you my motherf*ckin’ nigga (Woo)
You my motherf*ckin’ nigga

[Skit: Justice, Lucky & Jessie]
“Justice: Let’s cut the bullshit, okay? Now what do you really, really want from me? You wanna smell my punani?
Lucky: Yeah, yeah
Justice: You like that, huh?
Lucky: Mm-hmm
Justice: Hold on a minute, baby. Jessie?
Jessie: Yeah?
Justice: Come here for a minute, please
Jessie: What?
Justice: This fine young dark brother said he wanna smell my punani
Jessie: Really? Punani?
Justice: Yeah. Should I let him?
Jessie: Yeah. *blows breath on his face* So what do you think?
Lucky: You need to get your ass some breath mints. Crazy black bitches…”

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