As Tall As Lions – A Break A Pause Lyrics

You look like someone
finding the word “goodbye”
Baby I
hope that you get a clue
soon before you die
You’re only good
when you’re on your back you
evening virgin cotton nymph
Then we’ll see
Who’s kidding who now,
You’re an overpaid actress

And it feels so down
Yeah, I feel so down

I’m an anthropophobiac
A wolf from the steppes
with pills in my coat
and wine on my breath
A goodnite’s rest
on the floor,
near the bed
where I rest my head

Through the door someone says
“Let the dead bury the dead”
Unplugged the phone
stopped eating and sleeping
I can’t get over your love
I bought some drugs
that I never heard of
and asked what the
damage was

You’re lost in your mind
I believe that anyone can see it
For only one time
we can be together if you want it.
I know what you want
but baby what you want I just don’t got it
Get away from my door
I heard you sell the truth but I don’t buy it

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