Asian Doll, Megan Thee Stallion & JT Beef: Everything You Need To Know

The beef engulfing some of the top female rappers have taken a turn for the worse as Asian Doll ends her friendship with Megan Thee Stallion for being a fake friend and allowing her archrival JT to diss her.

Asian Doll apparently called JT a monkey after JT on her live feed, with called her an Ant referring to her body. The beef has been ongoing between the two rappers and now involves Megan Thee Stallion and City Girls.

The argument started it was revealed that a verse on Megan’s Good News album song ‘Do it on the Tip’ that features City Girls was initially to feature Asian Doll. However, for whatever reasons, Asian Doll was slashed from the song.

On Saturday, Asian Doll played an original version of the song that features her verse. She said on the Live – “I was supposed to do that song. I don’t know what happened.” During her Live, she also sang along to her verse but did not speak on Megan or City Girls.

That’s when JT, who has been beefing with Asian Doll, decided to add fuel to the fire as she in a now second deleted tweet posted to her account “like if you know it’s gone draw attention & cause commotion ….why speak on it? Mind you lying BUT GO OFF!”

JT also said, “I been doing good but Ima bout to start layiyng y’all attention seeking hoes out & I’m coming with FACTS!!!!! Sympathetic a**h**s are realal starting to grind my gears…a real friend is something you b**ches really don’t know nothing about!”

Fans too, questioned whether Megan was a double-edged sword, who was fake since the two women were known to be friends. Of Megan’s friends, it was Asian Doll who spoke out in public to defend Megan regarding the Tory Lanez situation.

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However, as JT attacked Asian Doll, there was not even a peep from Megan, who fans say, based on the principle of friendship, should have clarified the situation.

Asian Doll on Twitter tried to smooth the situation over by saying that she and Megan remained friends as she was recently featured in one of Megan’s songs. “Me & Megan still friends idgaf about no song I did in my sleep.”

One fan said, “f**k thattt if my so called friend removed me from off her song I’d be mad af,” to which Asian replied “I was (laughing emoji) but Ima Sagittarius we get mad then 10 mins later WE DON’T GIVE A F**K BOUT NUNNADET Sh*t.”

Megan Thee Stallion finally spoke on Facebook, but she threw shade, and she said, “idgaf bout none of that,” she said and added the poop emoji and the talking emoji.

However, Asian Doll again responded, saying she was a good friend when she agreed to do the song and her intentions when playing it wasn’t to start drama “I’m independent I own my own masters shid everything that got ‘ASIAN DOLL” on it…I was true friends with bitches never even talked to them about music. I was called & asked to do the song some told me don’t do it anyways so I didn’t, weeks later I was reminded to do it so I DID IT….”

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She added that she doesn’t want her verse on Megan’s future project. “This whole song this getting out of hand! My intention wasn’t bad when I played it! DON’T WANNA BE ON THE DELUXE. I don’t wanna put it out I played it because ITS NEVER coming out! I don’t need to be a pick me bitch cause at the end of the day I’m having my way with this shit,” she said.

Asian also seemed hurt that Megan did not speak up “a lot of shit I don’t even deserve cause God knows y intentions but these b—hes don’t make it no better. How you don’t defend a b*tch that RUNS to defend you.”

She also tweeted at JT’s subtle interference, “if you sneak dissing behind the scenes, come to the front so I can see how you really coming!”

Asian Doll then unfollowed Megan Thee Stallion and in a subsequent tweet posted, “friendship ended NEXT.”

Megan hasn’t publicly responded to the spat, but the fans on Twitter proceeded to drag her for being fake and opportunistic and setting people against each other.

Many cited her going on Nicki Minaj’s live sometime back and throwing shade at Cardi for not writing her own songs. However, the same Megan turned around and did WAP with Cardi B and has said Cardi is the sweetest person in the world.

One comment said, “she went live with Nicki and was dissing Cardi, got hot girl summer and let’s be clear majority of Meg was the barbs but she lost some because of this she did a song with Cardi after dissing her…fake, she’s a social climber she went from being bestie with Jordan [sic] Woods to being with Kylie then back to Jordan Woods.”

Another fan tweeted, “The beat was sent to Asian first she came up with the oncept that’s why her verse so long. Megan used the concept and added City Girls without telling Asian. It’s messy.”

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Others defended Megan, saying while Asian’s verse is hard, “it doesn’t go with the song, plus it’s Meg album she can take and put who she want on it bc that’s her money on the line! This is why you can’t do business with friends!!!! Not everything is shady but business.”


— Queen Von (@AsianDaBrattt) December 20, 2020

I left Gucci bitch I BEGGED TO LEAVE think I give a fuck about being 1017 when I came around ALL YOU HOES WAS HATEN ALREADY CAUSE I WAS COOL WITH NICKI BITCH I PICKED MY SIDE & LEFT

— Queen Von (@AsianDaBrattt) December 20, 2020

I WANNA ACTUALLY FIGHT… yeah I’m gang gang how whatever you wanna call it remember IM THE ONLU RAP BITCH THAT ACTUALLY BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA RAP BITCHES

— Queen Von (@AsianDaBrattt) December 20, 2020


— Queen Von (@AsianDaBrattt) December 20, 2020


— Queen Von (@AsianDaBrattt) December 20, 2020

Bitch you literally beefing with yourself @ThegirlJT you use to sing all my song JT since 2016… idk why you so mad & fasho we can meet up ANYWHERE & REALLY FIGHT I’m ready WHENEVER YOU ARE

— Queen Von (@AsianDaBrattt) December 20, 2020

Okay but I wanna win physically

— Queen Von (@AsianDaBrattt) December 20, 2020

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