Auras – Inordinate Lyrics

Vintage scriptures as if it were only set in stone
On the walls, amongst all men
It grazes a pompous shadow
Over mountains of your own verity
You watch the sea part for your ways
Like stepping-stones you perambulate our backs
We will watch you fumble yourself
As we draw from the wounds of our backs
Watch those egocentric eyes fade
Abandon yourself, from your highest climb
That you so selfishly credit your once normal self

And its blue-sky entitlement (entitlement)
We all have pierced through your lucid motives
Unmannered opinions
We will bring you grounded before your judgment
So ground yourself
Don’t let the pride lift you up to the clouds
Where the fogs seize the view of your passion
So ground yourself
Let your demure actions unfold
To enlighten your dreams
Is the means to express your soul
Remain grounded

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