Azizi Gibson – Overtime Lyrics

Is… is next up there?(Holy)
Is that nigga next up there?
Haha PH

[Verse 1]
The name Z, imma body them
Somebody get the f*ckin’ bag to put his body in (I got it don’t worry)
If you see PH on the shy then its got be him (dude we’re tagging bro)
He’s tradin’ L’s for an M, yeah thats gotta be him
Thats definitely him
Yeah you’ll never learn to ride on a kickstand
I don’t trust a f*ckin’ soul peep the hit fam
I thank god for today and this bullshit
No me gusta to you cuz you wasn’t here

Holla if you bitches need to pray and you been sellin’ so much p*ssy you gon’ need a bag a weigh up (Damn!)
I like to say the shit they don’t say
I like to say the shit they don’t say (haha)
And don’t think I be f*ckin’ with these niggas who be buying off attention just to get a f*ckin’ mention (god damn man!)
I forgot dick ridings the only thing that y’all good at
Prolly even better than my bitch and thats (?) (real shit)

Yeah, need the mojo when I’m in the Mo (mmmhmm)
Bitch, hit yo f*ckin’ knees take this load (mmmhmm)
Uh peace, sorry gotta go (mmmhmm)
The hook coming on, bitch I gotta go

[Pre Chorus]
Gotta be honest you ain’t work for real like me so I don’t pay attention any time you speak (holy)
(Shut the f*ck up!) I like things the way I like things (yeah so)

So every bitch I hit OT (f*ckin punks!)
All my niggas put in OT (wooo!)
Night after night OT (hell yeah!)
Every time you see me out OT (ha ha haaa)
Everything you see us doin’ OD
Ya tight, because ya been knew
Ya tight, because ya been knew
Ya tight, because ya been knew
Ya tight, because ya been knew

[Verse 2]
That I’m the shit nigga not you
And it’s comin’ straight from the mouth of a Euro (they don’t even know my name)
Don’t listen to them they zeros (they hate the game)
They only act like that cuz that fear you
Everybody tryin front like they friends
They only in the back, tryin to wait for ya ends
They only right there when a nigga hand you the pen (here ya go)
And sign ya whole life over, fearless to end
I’m only tryin to vent (ahhhhhhh)
Just please let me and if i’m off the scale, please get me
If i’m with a bitch please give me henny (what?)
Know ya so trendy but thats not Azizi, nigga suck my dick (gulp*)
And if yo cool lemme put it on yo, lip
And if she cool lemme bust on her tits
Cuz after this i’m on my “I do not give no shits about you and yo bitch”, nigga
And the gospel voice on you p*ssy ass niggas
Hold on lemme say ‘p*ssy’ one mo time cuz it feels good

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