Babbletron – Broke Down Lyrics

[Verse 1: Cool Calm Pete]
Rest on ? amazing feets on the otterman
Sit back shit is way too troublesome
This flow headed for a natural disaster
The chip on your shoulder’s the size of boulders
The avalanche of circumstance
Like some feelings were hurt someone call an ambulance
Ladies love to dance and the bitches act picky
They from a different world like ? and Whitney
You jawns love it, they say it's acting
? New york keeps on packing it
Saturday night now get those lines memorized
Pop without the phrase like “dynamite”
Drive in circles slow down for quick geeks
My latest innovation is the fast defeat
I’m the backseat driver the memory distorted
These lazy hands have cultivated boredom
Reality TV how funny is the name though
? great american game shows
Snooze you lose don’t sleep drink alcohol
Once read that at the local pub bathroom stall
This rhyme comes straight off the taps
? how I love the queens ? or is it the bottle cap
Right? Man this one’s for the refill
Drinks that malt liquor got the city in the standstill
Blow the silly ship for those that can’t cope but that’s obvious
Like valentine’s tastes like soap

I smoke ism
I’m on some Kurt Russell New York escapism
[Verse 2: Jaymanila]
This formula designed by the shine of the streetlamps
? and cook it up varies by the weed plant
Dance the fine line between pothead and numbskull
Expand the mind just to watch it crumble
Done built it up just to break it the hell down
Compelled by the ? strangle sound
Until then I ? to make this whole town tingle
Captivate the masses the ground up construct ? single
I’m patient me and my pen will just mingle
Stay anonymous with the gifts in my bag like Kris Kringle
Doo wop diddy doo did it dumb fresh for young ? in the fun city
? still parts I run shitty
Pity ? agendas most tender of heart a mask of gritty face who are forced to defend their part
But we’re the most civil nation right?
One generation past where people had to fight for civil rights
It’s a complex world we can’t pay for simple nights ? let’s awake the giants
Might fight the power we in ? in tandem with the anthem we must focus and right wrongs
Search for those answers like a path to a raw sound
All that is built up must broke down
Must be broke down (2x)

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