Babbletron – I Need To Be Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jaymanila]
I need to be vindicated
Infinitely more frustrated if an underground rapper smoking a tree in the forest
Screams out a chorus and nobody’s listening
Does it actually make a sound?
Bound to fall on my own deaf ears
My peers it appears in consequence of cheers
I just pushed on for years
So much so
That my gusto is defined of collection of technique to perfect over time
The bottomless lines drawn in the sand
By these unseen hands, f*ck your scene, I mean to be heard
By heard I care for music more than being seen
Know what I mean? Sometimes neither do I
This confusing confucius with a subtext illusions
When I try to free some boobs and move abreast with revolution
We’re down with change, we use it to buy our food
My thoughts could fix the world I’m just not in the mood

[Verse 2: Cool Calm Pete]
I want to be integrated to tales of timeless teachings

Got an inkling from my penmanship you mental weaklings
Student turn master of ceremonial zusu
Eat up children, no time to recoup
Baby step to footnote
Stepping stone to milestone
To keynote address I plot to end it on a high note
Underground turncoat on a suicide mission
Got needy kids grubby I got food in the kitchen
Addicted to the ground work footwork you’re loving it
Stage show killing it this murder is benevolent
Lyrical workhorse on track bets on me
Take my work for the cause and up the ante
Expand these closed minds one line at a time
Full fledged departure from the raps that confine
Out of the penitentiary a calm turn of the century
When life is as hard as you make it
Evidently raise the bar in this brain cell block wall or barricade
Get the noose, suicide rhymes for the recluse

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