Baby Ahk – Message Lyrics

He didn’t get the message, DDB slide in the Lexus
Tried to hide in the church so we shoot up the reverend
I got a coke plug with the Mexicans
It ain’t been the same since they made me a felon
But I ain’t too big to carry a weapon
These niggas know that I’m a real stepper
I keep a Mac, chicken in the dresser
Walk in the spot and she started undressin’
No recess, she givin’ up Gretchen
Balmain pants, tuck in the FN
Send him to hell if he reach for my necklace
Reach for my necklace, I reach for my FN
Junkies keep comin’, they know that I’m blessing
I don’t joan on the net, that shit getting messy
We in the trap and we servin’ that Emily
Cash out together shoot up the assembly

(Pew-Pew-Pew!)Shoot with the semi
Heavily guarded, got guns at the entry
Break down the work, gotta do it correctly
Sippin’ on lean while I’m eating spaghetti
f*ck on your ho and I did it real gently
These niggas actin’, go get them an Emmy
Play with my name and that shit getting deadly
I got a Glock and I keep a machete
It’s only us three like Ed, Edd, & Eddy
The foreign ride better but I slide in the Chevy
Hope out the car, smoke a nigga like Kelly
I’m in his dreams every night like Freddie
Tryna wake up the streets, I don’t think that they hear me
Running in up, tryna pull up in Bentley
She on my line, She keep on textin’
The one thing I hate is a bitch too friendly

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