Babyland – Burning Up Lyrics

Don’t put me off
Cause I’m on fire
And I can’t quench my desire
Don’t you know that
I’m burning up for your love
You’re not convinced
That that is enough
I put myself in this position
And I deserve the imposition
But you don’t even know I’m alive
And there’s pounding in my crotch
I just might die
I’m burning up

You’re always closing the door
Well it only makes me want you more
And day and night I cry for your love

You’re not conviced that that is enough
To justify my wanting you
Well tell what you want me to do
I’m not blind and I know
You want to f*ck me
But you still say no

Do you want to see me down on
Down on my knees
Or bending over backwards
Now would you be pleased
Unlike the other I’ll do anything
I’m not the same
I have no shame
I feel no pain
And you’re to blame

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