Babytron – Jurassic Park Lyrics


Oh, you iced up? Take yo trophy, now you Reggie Bush
Triple S make me drive fast, got a heavy foot
Lil’ bitch don’t wanna hit the za, she already cook
Hutch did the pendant on my chain so I bet she look
Press a couple buttons on the MacBook and make a thousand
Heard a opp in his bag, .223’ll take him out it
It’s always one next on this route, man, I hate the mountains
She gon’ leave with me, boy, you might as well came without her
This shit fire, boy, you might as well come buy a method
Boy, I keep them strips in my pocket like I’m diabetic
You gon’ probably diе broke as f*ck, I’m gon’ die a legеnd
One night yo bitch gave me head, that’s what I expected
It’s 2020, that’s what the Benjamin the whole year
All got a Glock, f*ck you think we do? Throw spears?
One thing I learned in my life is y’all hoes weird
Old lady want her money back, I’m like, “No, dear”
Matter fact, I’m like, “No, bitch”
Catch you in the dark, beam on it, this a glowstick
Red bottoms, spiked feet, looking like some blowfish
How you one up on me and Dee? Bitch, we both hit
How you one down on yo opps? You had two shots
Hole in his head have him oozing like a juice box
On Blockchain, see more coins than a jukebox
7.62s left him sick, he need a flu shot
Back to back roaring in them things like Jurassic Park
BAPE hoodies on, f*ck around and get attacked by sharks
Don’t have a heart but I love cracking Master cards
One thing I know in life is if you don’t stack, you starve

Got my blood drawn, they say GOAT in my DNA
Lil’ bitch, you ain’t no different just ’cause you a CNA
Living in the jungle where mice even think they apes
Yo bitch cheating on you, look, dude, I know you see the date
Bitch used to crack jokes but I got the last laugh
Bitch sucked the test tube chain, she a lab rat
Hundred jacks stacked, I can’t even close the hatchback
I ain’t even famous, why I’m verified on Snapchat?
Stan with the AR like Curry with the snatch back
Demon do the [?] as hell, you know cats scratch
Bro keep pulling up shooting, tryna stat pack
This some turtle pie, smack this, it’s gon’ smack back
I done did some f*cked up shit so I pray daily
Everybody talking down, down bad, they can’t phase me
He ain’t really like that in the head, he just play crazy
Yeah, you can have a three five if you pay eighty
Sleep schedule f*cked up, I keep switching time zones
Crazy if you like that lil’ bitch, she my side ho
Three jacks, three houses, I just got nine phones
Ten jacks light, nah, hundred? That’s a milestone
130 but with the punches, heavyweight champ
Mail the ham fool everything, even a fake stamp
FA OG too strong, it made my face cramp
You tricking on these hoes, we ain’t jumping off the same ramp
In the UFO, Human Races off the Human Made
I don’t even know these lil’ bitches but they knew my name
You ain’t got no clutch in you, boy, you gon’ lose the game
I’ma stay the same through the pain and through the change

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