Bad Livers – Anna Lee Lyrics

Anna Lee, tomorrow its the same thing
Where I’m bound’s too far to ride
Sit with me, my darlin’ of forgiveness
Come and sit here with me, one more time
Tell my family I’ve gone to find us
A better way to rise and shine
In your heart lies love’s forgiveness
Precious Jesus, guide our troubled mind
I’ve been away, more than we’ve been together
Anyway, Anna Lee I’m leavin’ home
This crooked highway is my teacher
What don’t kill you can make you stong

Tears will fall, and hearts are broken
Hold me darlin’, keep your daddy warm
When my time on earth is over
Let me down to sleep beneath the clay
Say to me, your darlin’ of forgiveness
One more time, has my loved one gone away?
Anna Lee, can you hear them mission bells?
Callin’ me, but I do not hear so well
Leavin’ you was the last thing on my mind
Lay me down, little darlin’ one more time


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