Bart Baker – Elastic Heart Parody Lyrics

Prepare to watch a vid so dumb
You’ll be so grateful when it’s done
Shia Lebeouf doesn’t have much on
He looks like a half naked dirty bum
And this little blonde girl is such a freak
With such an odd limber physique

The whole thing’s just them in a cage
Doing this paedophile ballet
“Hey creep, get away!”
“I’m twelve, you’re twenty-eight!”
No-one’s going to understand what this is
They’re gonna think we’re geniuses!
Your underwear’s dirty and smells really putrid
I’m method acting, that’s my shit

Good god you’re so disgusting!
Sia, why aren’t you in this thing?
I don’t appear in videos
Or face the audience at shows

Do you hate when folks watch you sing?
No it’s a pretentious art thing
Besides, I’d rather people watch this
You two dancing like idiots

Hey! A mini- me but without boobs
And a creep whose beard looks like pubes
This does not seem legal!
This is art you asshole!
Who are you guys?
We are the fbi!
Put the twelve year old down now Shia
You’re under arrest for dancing with a young child
Hands up right now paedophile!

Don’t arrest him, this was all my idea!
Who the hell are you?
I am Sia
If this paedo video was made by you
I guess we will arrest you too!
There’s no need to arrest me
I tweeted an apology!

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