Before Braille – Goodnight Quiet Noise Lyrics

You’re full of spite and I know the reason why
Your alibi will never hold up to mine
Standing up when paralyzed
Pull the cloak over your eyes
It aint enough to be a mountain tall
Adding up, so name the price
Spent your lot to turn on a dime
Remove your mask to make a curtain call
Something’s calling me out to the boulevard
My thoughts need cages until the morning
When night it rises like the tide

I feel I’m underneath I’m drowning in nothing at all
Make amends before you start the fight
Finding out why you should sleep at night
The blood will boil then solidify
You better see this, you won’t believe it
You can’t avoid the way they perceive you to be
They’re still behind you
They’re catching up to hold you to the back of the line

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